Viorel Tams and Iulia Găinariu, the grand winners of the Braşov International Marathon powered by Telekom

Over 2,500 runners in the Land of Dracula

The gorgeous weather, combined with a spectacular route through the “Land of Dracula”, brought over 2,500 runners to the start line of the Braşov International Marathon powered by Telekom Romania, an event which took place on May 20th-21st, 2017. Under the applause of hundreds of supporters along the way, Viorel Tams won the marathon (42 km) for men, and Iulia Găinariu stood on the highest step of the podium for women.

The competition set off from Piaţa Sfatului (Council Square) – Brașov’s Km 0 – leading the participants throughout the sight-strewn, history-loaded city (the Black Church, Rope Street, Livada Poștei Park, the White Tower and the Black Tower) and then out into nature, where breathtaking landscapes awaited. As it is, this Brașov sports event approved by AIMS – the most important international forum in the field – has become known as Romania’s most panoramic road marathon and makes for a creative way of promoting Romanian mountain tourism internationally.

Winners – 10.7 kilometre race

For the male category, the winner of the 10.7 km race was Vaipan Călin, who registered an excellent time: 42 minutes and 45 seconds. The second place was claimed by Constantin Badea and the third by Dragoş Coman. For the female category of the 10.7 km race, Elena Alexandrescu climbed on the first step of the podium, with 46 minutes and 41 seconds, the second place went to Mirela Mihai and the third to Violeta Andreea Vlădulescu.

Winners – 4×10.7km team run

For the Team run, all 4 participants started simultaneously and their 4 times were summed up after crossing the finish line. The first three relay teams to step on the podium were Galați Team (made up of Laurențiu Istrate, Daniel Coca, Ionuț Octavian Chemer and Alin Cristian Chitiță), Ia Și Urcă! (Ludovic Vieru, Iustin Păltinel, Adrian Răus and Alin Hîrbu) and Victoria (Eszter Kovacs, Alin Dobre, Iulian Popa and Gabriel Suteu).

Winners – Half marathon (21 km)

The half marathon, the second most difficult race of the event, was won by Mihai Bizniuc (Rep. of Moldova) for men, clocking in at 1 hour, 12 minutes and 44 seconds, second came Dumitru Nicolaev, and Robert Necula was third. The winner for women was Adela Paulina Baltoi, who completed the race in one hour, 28 minutes and 14 seconds, Maria Mihaela Cioveie came in second and Luminiţa Suditu climbed on the third step of the podium.

Winners – Marathon (42 km)

The Marathon was the biggest challenge for runners. The first one to cross the finish line for males was Viorel Tams, having run for 2 hours, 38 minutes and 53 seconds. Second came Liviu Croitoru (Rep. of Moldova), and Claudiu Cristian Gorgan finished third. The winner for females was Iulia Găinariu, who completed the race in 3 hours, 08 minutes and 33 seconds, Maria Magdalena Veliscu was second and Natalia Zbirnea (Rep. of Moldova) came in third.

The complete results are available on the official event webpage –

The Brașov International Marathon is an event organised by the Șapte Scări Association and the Smart Atletic Team, in partnership with Telekom Romania (the main partner of the event), the Brașov Municipality, the Braşov County Council, the Romanian Athletics Federation (institutional partners), Cinema One (gold partner), Banca Transilvania, Urban Invest, Aquatic Paradise (silver partners), Dorna, Ciuc Natur Radler, PowerBar, Auchan Braşov (revitalisation partners), Columbia, Brasov Trail Adventures (technical partners), Gral Medical (prevention partner) and Dolce Sport, Europa FM, Running Mag,, Transilvania Expres (media partners).

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