Official Regulations

REGULATIONS regarding the organisation and progression of the Brasov International Marathon

Council Square (Piata Sfatului), Brasov, date to be announced, 2021


Brasov International Marathon (hereafter referred to as ‘the Competition’) is organised by the Sapte Scari Association in partnership with the Smart Atletic Sports Club Association and is aimed at encouraging exercise (outdoor running) and a healthy lifestyle among a wide range of people while involving the local community in an event which promotes sports, exercise, health and their benefits.

The participants in the Competition must observe the terms and conditions of the Official Competition Regulations (hereafter referred to as ‘The Official Regulations’). The Official Regulations have been drafted and will be made public in accordance with the applicable legislation in Romania; they will be available for free to anyone requiring them on the website. By entering the Competition, participants agree to observe and abide by all the provisions, terms and conditions in the Official Regulations, as well as the applicable laws.



2.1. The time and place of the Competition:

The Competition takes place in Brasov, on date to be announced for 2021, starting at 8:00. The start and finish areas are in Piata Sfatului (Council Square), as stated in the Competition mechanism, as detailed in Section 3 of the Competition Regulations.

Childre’s race will take place on the date to be announced for 2021, on Saturday:

  • 10:00-17:00 validation, new registrations and giving out kits at the specially prepared tent in Piata Sfatului (Council Square)
  • 18:00 Races [the start time for each race will be posted in the days to come]
  • 19.30 Award ceremony
  • 20.30 The closing of the event



3.1 Competition races

3.1.1. Young adults’ and adults’ races

Those over 18 yo may enter the following races:
Marathon 42km – Individual race
Team run 4*10,7km: all 4 runners start off at the same time and after finishing, the 4 recorded times are summed up (each member runs at their own pace and each one bears a timing chip).
Half marathon 21km – Individual race
10,7km race – Individual race
5,7km race – Individual race

3.1.2. Children’s races

All the children’s races take place on date to be announced for 2021. The event timeline will be posted on the official website.
Children’s races are organised according to the following age groups:
– 6-8 years old (girls; boys)
– 9-11 years old (girls; boys)
– 12-14 years old (girls; boys)

3.2 Distances, categories and routes

3.2.1 Adults’ races

Marathon – Individual race – 42.195 km
Team Run 4×10,7km
Half marathon – Individual race  – 21.097 km
10,7km – Individual race  – 10.54 km
5,7km – Individual race  – 5 km

The categories for each race can be found on the official website on the page Categories, award ceremony and official awards.

3.2.2 Children’s races

Children’s races according to age groups and distances are listed below and have separate starts:
– 6-8 years old (girls; boys) – 500m
– 9-11 years old (girls; boys) – 1km
– 12-14 years old (girls; boys) – 1km

3.2.3 Routes

The competition routes are marked by the organizers by means of fences and barrier tape. They are supervised by commissioners (referees), policemen and gendarmes stationed at various points along the way. The routes’ description and map are available on the official website.



This competition is aimed at children, young people and adults alike. They can compete in the races established by the organizers according to their age and training.

4.1. Registration

Registration for all the races is done online via based upon spot availability before the date mentioned on the Registration Conditions and Entry Fees page on the official website.

Registrations are only deemed valid if all the data in the (online) registration form has been filled in and if proof of payment can be provided within 3 business days after registering online (with the exception of children’s races).

Registration forms which are not filled in integrally are deemed incomplete and cancelled.

Registration fee for popular race is free for residents of Brasov.

The minimum age requirement for participation is:

  • 18 yo for marathon/half marathon
  • 14 yo for team run & 10,7km
  • 10 yo for 5,7km and 2,5km popular race
  • 6-14 yo for kid’s race

4.2 Competition withdrawals

In case someone wishes to withdraw from the competition, the fee cannot be refunded. We encourage finding a replacement. Check below for further details.

4.3 Registration modification

Registrations for the all races may only be modified (to switch participants or races) at least 14 days before the event date, by means of an application sent to the official e-mail addresses on the contact page. There is a 30 RON charge for any registration modification.

4.4. Entry fees

The details regarding the entry fees for all the races are available on the following web page:  Registration term and entry fees.

4.4.1 Payment methods

The entry fee can be paid online or via bank transfer. More details here: Registration term and entry fees.

4.5. The affidavit

Upon collecting the kit for the following races: marathon, team run, half marathon, 10,7km and 5,7km, 2,5km , all participants must sign an affidavit in the presence of a representative of the organizer and that of a witness, in which they declare at their own risk that they are medically apt to compete in the race. The affidavit may be printed after completing the online registration or may be filled in before collecting the kit.

Children aged 6 to 14 yo running in the children’s races and those aged 15 to 17 yo running in the 5,7km and 2.5km  popular race must be accompanied by a parent upon registration and collection of the kit. The parent must fill in and sign the registration form in the presence of a representative of the organizer and that of a witness, thereby declaring at their own risk that the child is medically apt to compete. The registration and validation of children’s entries can also be done by their physical education teacher or by a school representative, based on a table containing the children’s personal data and signed by the school administration, which thereby expresses its agreement regarding the children’s participation in the races.

4.6. Competition equipment. Competition number

Participants (children and adults) run using their own equipment. Competition numbers are provided by the organizers.

For the marathon, marathon relay, half marathon and 10,7km race, runners receive an electronic timing chip upon collecting their kits.
For the half marathon 4×10,7km relay, the baton to be passed between team members consists of the timing chip.

The timing is ensured by a specialized company. The timing system computes time for each runner and each relay team by registering every crossing over the electronic mats – at the start line, at the control points along the route and at the finish line.

IMPORTANT! The runners or relay teams who do not pass through all the control points will automatically be disqualified. It is the participants’ responsibility to wear their competition number on the front side of their T-shirts and not to damage the electronic chip.

Any participant not wearing their competition number on their T-shirt or wearing a different competition number than the one they received will be disqualified.

It will NOT be possible to change or replace a competition number if lost or to switch numbers between runners on the day of the competition. Such violations lead to disqualification.

4.7. Costumed runners

Runners taking part in any of the races are invited to take advantage of the city celebrations to dress up as famous characters or wear items representing the cause they support throughout the race!



5.1. Start – Time limit – Opening traffic

To find out the starting time of each race, please consult the timeline page of the official event website

The time limits for each race are as follows:
– marathon and relay: 6h
– half marathon: 3h
– 10 km race: 90 min
– 5 km race: 45 min

– 2.5km race: 30 min

Runners who reach the finish line after the time limit has expired are not included in the race ranking.

Runners who surpass time limits are notified by the referees and race commissioners and must head towards the start/finish area immediately.

Important: One may not continue the race after the time limit has run out. Once the time limit has expired, the route will be reopened to traffic and organizers can no longer guarantee the safety of the runners.

5.2. Determining the results

The ‘official ranking’ for the marathon, half marathon, relay and 10,7 km races is determined by means of electronic timing and will be available on the competition website within a maximum of 24 hours after the end of the races. According to international regulations, ‘official rankings’ are established based on the ‘official time’ registered by each runner. The ‘official time’ is measured from the moment of the official start signal until the moment the finish line is crossed.

The rankings for the popular race and the children’s races are established according to the order of arrival through cards handed to participants upon crossing the finish line. Separate rankings will be made for each gender and age group.

Age categories will use the competitor age at 31 December in the year of the competition.

5.3. Titles and awards

Awards are given to positions 1, 2 and 3 from each race and category. The awards will be announced on the official website.

The participation diplomas are electronic and will be available for download on the competition website within a maximum of three business days after the event.

The official award ceremony will take place in the start/finish area. The exact time is available on the Event schedule page.



6.1. Refreshment points

In accordance with international regulations, refreshment stations (still water, isotonic, fruit) are placed every 5 km, so there will be one in the start/finish area and another one 5 km away from it. All participants receive still water, isotonic, apples, bananas, oranges and glucose upon arriving at the finish line. Participants are asked to dispose of plastic cups and bottles in the areas around the refreshment points in order to facilitate cleaning.

6.2. First Aid – Ambulance – Withdrawal

First Aid Points are ensured by an ambulance hired by the organizers. The ambulance will be stationed in the start/finish area. It will be notified by the referees along the route if runners are injured during the race and it will immediately pick them up. Runners who withdraw from the race are asked to announce their withdrawal to the referees along the route or to the ones in the start/finish area.

6.3. Administrative conditions

Any supporters of the runners (family members, friends) may stay in the vicinity of the course, yet outside the route, while making sure not to damage green areas. Road traffic will be restricted on all race routes during the competition.

The following will be present during the event:
– an ambulance
– traffic and local police units, as well as gendarmes, in accordance with the legislation in force.

The organizers are under the obligation to make public the names of the winners and the awards given in the Competition. The list of winners will be published on the official website within a maximum of three business days after the event.

The organizers also undertake to observe the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of personal data. The organizers therefore undertake to maintain the confidentiality of the Competition participants’/winners’ personal data and only use them in accordance with the Official Regulations, the participants’ affidavits and the legislation in force.

The Organizers reserve the right to modify the present Regulations before the competition date while undertaking to announce any modifications on the website, as well as at the event location.

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