Romania’s most panoramic road marathon – the Brasov International Marathon powered by Telekom Sport – now at its 5th edition, will take place on May 26th, 2019. 

Since 2015, Brasov has become inscribed on the Romanian map of road marathons, next to BucharestCluj and Arad, and since 2017 Brasov International Marathon has been a full member of AIMS (International Association of Marathons and Distance Races), the most important international forum in the field.

The Brasov International Marathon is a mass sports event, an opportunity for the city to celebrate and promote its tourist attractions, cultural sights and gastronomic delights.

Anyone can participate! From 6 to 90+ year-olds, you can choose one of the 6 races, which cover various distances: 42km marathon, 21km half marathon, 10.7km race and 5.7km popular race, 4×10.7km team run and races for children aged 6 to 14.

The start and finish area will be in Council Square (Piata Sfatului), right between the Black Church (Biserica Neagra) and the Council Hall (Casa Sfatului). You will have the opportunity to go on a running exploration of both the city of Brasov and its surroundings, as the route is particularly picturesque, strewn with historical sights and tourist attractions.

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