All the fees collected for the 5 km race, together with 15% of the fees for the competitive races (marathon, relay, half marathon and 10 km) will be donated, through the Telekom Romania Foundation, to the charitable cause of the event – HOSPICE Casa Sperantei.

Since 2008, the Telekom Romania Foundation has been offering support to individual cases of children and adults with serious diseases, as well as running educational, environmental and child protection campaigns and getting involved in aiding victims of natural disasters.

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About HOSPICE Casa Sperantei

Every year in Romania, over 500 children are diagnosed with cancer. Because we prefer to turn a deaf ear whenever we hear of such things, these children become nothing more than statistics. However, behind the cold numbers there are hearts wrought with pain. And helpless parents. Who can no longer fulfill simple wishes… for lack of time. HOSPICE restores lost childhoods and rebuilds defense walls in the face of wing-severing illness. With your help, we can bring moments of normality back into the lives of children with incurable diseases. At the HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation day center, dozens of children are given comfort, support and counselling in their battle against illness.
Run in the Brasov International Marathon and give moments of normality to the children in the care of HOSPICE.

Thank you!

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei, a non-profit organisation founded in Brasov in 1992, was the one to introduce the concept of palliative care in Romania. HOSPICE is the biggest foundation in the country to provide specialised services of this type free of charge.

The organisation carries out its work in Brasov and Bucharest and takes care of children and adults suffering from incurable diseases. HOSPICE has developed a full package of palliative care services, which are provided at day centers, out-patient clinics and its own hospitalization units, at patients’ homes and in partner hospitals.

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei develops palliative care at national and international level by providing information, through educational programmes targeting professionals, patients and the community, as well as by improving the relevant legislation.
The organisation is one of the seven internationally acknowledged palliative care models and is a Center of Excellence for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


What is a Galantom fundraiser?

A Galantom fundraiser is a person who is concerned with the issues of the community they live in and doesn’t wait for the solution to come from state authorities, the government or anywhere else. Such a person chooses to get involved and contribute to bringing about the improvement they wish for the community through voluntary fundraising.

What exactly do I need to do?

In a nutshell, you will have a fundraising page on the platform, where you voluntarily support a non-profit organisation and encourage your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and other people in your social network to join you in making  online donations (directly on your page) to contribute to accomplishing the projects you believe in. The good part is they can also send you supportive messages.

What are the steps to becoming a Galantom fundraiser?

1. You use your participation in the Brasov International Marathon to promote the HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation project. You can choose to support the foundation in your registration form or by sending a subsequent e-mail to the event organisers.

2. You are contacted by the organisation you support, which creates a personal fundraising page for you on Galantom in connection to the Brasov International Marathon.

3. You promote the fundraising page within your social network online and offline and convince as many people as possible to join you in supporting the project of the organisation through online bank card donations.

It is a different kind of crowdfunding, in which you are the one carrying out the campaign; the aim is to support the development of projects which bring change to the community, while the investors in that change are the people around you.

The good part is that, in the long run, the investors (donors) are the direct or indirect beneficiaries of the changes which are brought about due to their involvement.